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What are the guidelines for the design of health care product packaging boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-22
The sales volume of health care products has a great relationship with the packaging design of the packaging products. A good packaging is basically a step faster. If your packaging is not good, then you may face a serious decline in sales, and even more serious ones will be eliminated. So when your product sales are not good, check whether your health care product packaging is in line with your product, whether the advantages of your product are stated on your packaging, etc., etc. If you find the problem, you must consider whether to redesign it. Newly enter the market with its own packaging. So what product is suitable for what kind of packaging? This is more particular, and haobobox will give you two examples below, and you will know. 1. The relevance of the packaging box design The packaging box in the picture below is our previous customer. This packaging box mainly contains ginseng. At this time, what do we eat ginseng? Ginseng is eaten more by middle-aged and elderly people, but less by young people. Therefore, the customer group we identify is the middle-aged and elderly people, so what kind of packaging do the middle-aged and elderly people like? At this time, you have to analyze it. Small and fresh ones don’t work very well. Old people are more nostalgic, so the design should be retro design, so that the design is generous and can show the nostalgic plot. come out. 2. The design style of the health care product box. Let’s take a look at the packaging box in the picture below. Some customers have a look: Didn’t you say that you can’t design such a small and fresh one? Take a closer look at this health care product box that contains medicines. What is to be shown? It is clean, safe and harmless, so this design is very consistent, white with green. Well, the above is the design advice given to everyone by haobobox. The packaging emphasizes innovation and bigness. However, it is impossible to have a good packaging blindly copying it.
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