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What are the frequently encountered problems in custom-made gift boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-13
Nowadays, the crowd has higher requirements for multiple packaging, especially gift boxes. Many companies have chosen custom gift boxes. This can not only improve their corporate recognition, but also increase their sales and improve their brand promotion. Whether you design it yourself or ask our manufacturer to help you design, the purpose is to have product recognition and build your own brand marketing strategy. Through brand marketing, combined with distinctive advantages and services in all aspects of the product, in order to achieve better publicity effects and increase sales conversion. In the customization of cosmetic outer packaging, there are several customization steps. Customers who customize gift packaging for the first time will inevitably have a lot of customization questions. Then, what problems do customers usually have to understand before customizing? 1. How long does it take to make a custom gift box? Generally speaking, the customized delivery date is in turn related to the box structure, production process, and production quantity. From the simple structure of the socket box type, the delivery time may be earlier. The more complicated the box structure is, the more complicated the production process is. The more printing process, the time required may increase. The length of the shipping cycle is determined by the box type, structure, and printing process of your box. General packaging boxes The manufacturer will give an approximate time. 2. Can you provide a sample of the gift box? This is completely possible. Some manufacturers charge a fee for proofing. Our haobobox packaging box manufacturer does not charge for digital samples, but we need to charge for large samples. After the transaction reaches 25,000, we will return the full amount of the cost of the large sample. 3. What is the price of the customized gift box? There are more factors for this price. First of all, the quantity. Customized 100 gift boxes and customized 1000 are completely two prices. For example, customizing 100 may cost you 10 yuan, then customizing 1,000 may only cost 5 The price is 6 yuan. There is also the influence of factors such as printing process, printing color, paper, box structure and so on.
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