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What are the factors that need to be considered when designing a jewelry box?

by:HAOBO     2021-12-26
Jewelry not only attracts attention in terms of quality, creativity and design, but also as a fashion accessory, it is deeply loved by consumers. In order to attract more consumers, not only the quality, creativity and design of jewelry, but also the packaging design of jewelry is also very important. What factors should be considered in the jewelry box design to promote sales? Today, I will explain to you the following aspects. 1. The design of the jewelry box should be based on the 'product' combined with the characteristics of the jewelry itself, and the packaging form should be determined according to its volume, shape, material, style, grade, style, connotation and other factors. Shape the personality and temperament of the brand, and fully reflect the attributes of the product. 2. The design of the jewelry box should be guided by the 'market'. Before designing the idea, it is necessary to conduct relevant market research, fully understand the market situation, obtain fresh design ideas from market feedback, and reasonably position. Avoid the designer's blind pursuit of personal ideas caused by the disconnection from the market. 3. The design of the jewelry box should be 'consumer' as the center. The purpose of the design is to promote consumer purchases. Therefore, we must fully consider the needs of different consumer groups, study their psychology, and design on the basis of market research. The packaging style and emotional performance should be compatible with the age, level and aesthetic appeal of the target group in order to resonate with it. 4. The design of the jewelry box should focus on 'materials' and select appropriate protective items. The choice of packaging materials must not only consider the shape and color of the packaging, but also solve some problems such as structure, material, cost, and technology. Especially jewelry, their value is more expensive and easily damaged. Therefore, the functional requirements of packaging are relatively high. Good materials and structure can avoid physical and chemical damage to the greatest extent, and play a better role in receiving and protecting jewelry. In addition, the size of jewelry is small and the shape is different, so jewelry packaging should fully consider product integration, storage and transportation to prevent jewelry from falling and losing, and it should also be easy to carry and open.
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