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What are the determining factors of gift box packaging design?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-02
As long as the gift box is designed, can the produced box be good? This is a question asked by a customer to haobobox printing factory. Today haobobox will tell you what is the decisive factor in gift box packaging design. Whether a gift box is produced to look good or not is generally determined by four major factors: 1. The design and packaging design of the gift box is also the beginning of the gift box. Let's build its model first, and then talk about the following, if the model is not built Well, if the latter is done well, the effect will be halved, so the design of the gift box is a very important part of the packaging. Second, the problem of material selection and design of the gift box is solved, and then start to choose your material. When choosing the material, remember to choose the material that suits your box. This general packaging box manufacturer will give you advice. For example, some special paper materials are better in terms of touch and appearance. The disadvantage is the price. It's more expensive. 3. The box type of the gift box is different. The appearance is different. Choose the box type that suits you. How to choose the one that suits you has to do your homework. Haobobox said before that you need to analyze yourself. For example, if your customers are all middle-aged and elderly customers, don’t design such a complicated structure. The top and bottom covers, drawer boxes, and clamshells are more suitable. 4. The crafting of the gift box depends on the strength of the packaging box manufacturer, the color matching of the printing, the value of the corners, whether or not the edge is warped, etc. The details of the printing determine the direction of the gift box, so it is also related to the packaging box. The manufacturer's strength is directly linked. Choose a manufacturer that integrates packaging design, manufacturing and production. Such manufacturers are often confident of their own strength.
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