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What are the design details of the gift box?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-05
Packaging box manufacturers will come into contact with all kinds of customers every day. Some customers want to customize packaging boxes and do not have their own design drawings. They often give you an idea and rely on the manufacturers to design them later. It is really difficult for some small manufacturers, because most of the customers of small manufacturers basically have their own design drawings, but they can’t help but lose a customer. What does the client say about being tall and tall? This problem has puzzled many packaging box manufacturers. Today haobobox will tell you what are the details of packaging box design. The following gift box, I will give you a demonstration. First of all, let’s take a general overview of this design drawing. From this design drawing, we can extract several useful information. This is a cylindrical sky and earth cover. The gift box of haobobox is in line with the packaging gift box design concept of haobobox packaging, because the round box product is not a product produced; the edge of the cover of the sky and earth cover box is added, so that the sky cover and the floor cover can be on the basis of the same thickness. Whether it looks or picks up, it is a high-end choice; pictures of the product are placed in a conspicuous place on the canopy, and slogans are printed on all sides, so that the products designed by the packaging gift box have almost every side of the business. The characteristic graphics and text can be seen by consumers, and it will impress the product subtly, but everything will have various shortcomings. According to the author of the packaging gift box design, the slogan on the surrounding pages has been modified. And the text, the reason is like the slogan shown in the picture above, it may feel normal in the process of packaging gift box design, but in actual operation, the words are too close to the four sides and a bit messy, it looks not so comfortable, because it is restored. When packing the gift box design drawings, the cardboard is processed by beer craftsmanship. If the self-tightening is close to the edge, it may cause the undesirable consequences of misalignment. After debugging, the original slogan was removed, a hummingbird design was removed, and the entire gift box with nice decorations such as purple and red was added. Okay, friends who like it, remember to pay attention to us. If you need to customize, please contact our customer service or call our phone to customize on demand.
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