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What are the commonly used linings for gift boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-01
Many friends sometimes encounter a problem when purchasing and making gift boxes, which is the most suitable material for the inner lining of the gift box? What kind of lining material is suitable for what kind of gift box? Here is a brief summary of several commonly used gift box lining materials and their uses. The details are as follows: 1. Cardboard or corrugated paper as gift box lining: Cardboard or corrugated paper is used by everyone because of its low cost and convenient processing. It is suitable for the shape rules Such as the use of square items, such as our common moon cake box packaging, CD boxes, etc. have been used. 2. Foam as gift box lining: Foam is a low-grade lining that we often use. It is characterized by good shock resistance and is suitable for packaging boxes with high shock resistance requirements such as glassware, such as wine packaging boxes, wine glass packaging boxes, etc. . 3. EPE is used as the inner lining of the gift box: EPE is more high-grade than foam, and it is not easy to be crushed. It is more prominent than foam, but the cost is higher than foam. Some electronic products like to use this material as lining. 4. EVA as the inner lining of the gift box: EVA is a kind of polyethylene foam product with dense texture, white and black. Due to the different EVA content, the processing is very different. It looks better than PE. It can be used directly. To make a variety of shapes, many gift boxes are currently used, such as U disk gift boxes. 5. Sponge as the inner lining of the gift box: high-density sponge, good elasticity, high resilience, soft and comfortable texture, no deformation or collapse after long-term use. 6. Blister lining for gift boxes: pvc blister lining refers to a kind of blister lining formed by a blister molding process, which plays a role of set off, protection, shockproof, separation, fixation, and beautification. Usually electronic products use pvc blister lining.
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