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What are the commonly used inner trays for watch boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-09
Today, people are talking about watch gift boxes. If you are a very casual watch wearer, you will not be easy to spend too much thought to store or maintain your watch. The problem is, but when you buy a high-end watch for a high price, it does make more sense to try to take care of it. In many cases, the default setting of the watch people buys often has a watch box, but they are generally not easy to use, or are not made of high-quality raw materials. So what materials are generally used for high-end watch boxes? 1. Wooden Wooden gift box is one of the most common gift boxes. The style is very classic, with an antique and thick layering. Wooden gift boxes are generally polished and polished from the beginning to the finished product, and the texture and logo can be hand-carved at the raw material supplier immediately, which is extremely malleable. 2. Artificial leather watch gift box can also use artificial leather material. The key is divided into three categories: PVC artificial leather, PU artificial leather, and PUpvc artificial leather. It is one of the extremely fashionable materials today. The appearance is close to the cowhide, the skin pores are clear, and the texture is of course. Artificial leather can also be processed with hot stamping, packaging printing, stamping and pressing according to requirements. Artificial leather has excellent resistance to sunlight and aging, and is widely used as a variety of high-end gift boxes. The watch boxes of the two materials above can be designed on the top of the window, so that customers can see the goods inside at a glance. This watch packaging is very ideal. When you don’t need it, they can maintain your watch very well. Naturally, if you are bored, they can also be packaged as other accessories, such as pendants and cufflinks. They can even become A very handsome decoration. As you can see, watch boxes can actually have many main uses! All in all, using it to store watches is much better than ordinary watch boxes. The mere defect means that they are only suitable to be placed at home, not to be taken with them. Although the raw material processing technology of wood and artificial leather is not easy and cost-effective, they want to give people a high-end and luxurious feeling. The watch gift box can not only prevent the watch from scratches and scratches, but also protect your watch. Dangers from dust, moisture in the body, moisture in the body, small bugs and other elements, so it is very necessary to choose a high-end packaging box.
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