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What are the common types of tea boxes?

by:HAOBO     2021-12-29
There are not only various types of tea on the market, but also a wide variety of tea boxes. There are more or less differences in the packaging of tea from different grades and regions. Today we will talk about the advantages of using gray board as the packaging material for tea boxes and common box types. 1. What are the advantages of using gray boards as packaging materials for tea boxes? China has a tea culture for thousands of years, and the technology and materials of tea packaging boxes are gradually optimized. At present, customers use more gray boards when printing tea packaging boxes, and haobobox printing unlocks the mysteries: 1. Tea box printing uses gray boards with a wide range of raw materials and low manufacturing costs. 2. Dongye box printing adopts gray board and green environmental protection. Easy to recycle, it is a renewable resource and a sustainable green packaging method. 3. The gray board for tea box printing is safe and hygienic. The gray board material is tasteless, non-toxic and non-polluting. 4. The tea box printing adopts gray board with excellent protection performance. It not only has good cushioning effect but also good mechanical strength. 5. The tea box printing adopts gray board for easy processing, storage and transportation. Cardboard is easy to cut, fold, and glue boxes to form packaging boxes with different shapes. 6. The composite processing performance of the gray board for tea box printing is good. The packaging function of paper and cardboard combined with other materials such as plastic and aluminum foil will be more complete, and it can be widely used in the fields of high-strength, moisture-proof and water-repellent, heat-sealing and high-barrier packaging. 2. What are the common box types of tea boxes? Tea is currently one of the best-selling products on the market, increasing the economic income of tea farmers. As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and horses and saddles, and exquisite tea packaging boxes will become more important. When designing customized tea boxes for customers, tea box printing manufacturers must consider factors such as material, craftsmanship, and box shape. A good tea box not only enhances the grade of tea, but also captures consumers' desire to buy. 1. The world cover of the tea box The world cover is one of the commonly used box types for gift packaging. The sky box and the ground box are independent. The general material choice is 128 grams or 157 grams of copperplate paper covered gray board. The surface will be based on Different design styles choose appropriate craftsmanship, and the overall look is more high-end. 2. Book box of tea box The book box is a commonly used form of packaging for tea boxes. The lid and the bottom of the box are connected to each other. Generally, when choosing a book box, you will wear a handbag that is consistent with the design of the box. 3. The drawer box of the tea box. The drawer box is just like the drawers we use in our lives. This kind of box type is suitable for tea leaves individually packaged in small bags. The box looks beautiful and not lacking in quality. It is a new development direction for tea boxes in the future market.
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