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What are the common problems of packaging box printing? Answered

by:HAOBO     2022-01-19
Many companies now custom-made packaging boxes and incorporate their own corporate information. Of course, custom-made products have relatively high requirements. This is also a test of the strength of the packaging box manufacturer. As a qualified packaging box manufacturer, the design, printing, and detailed processing after printing must be handled in place. Next, we summarized the related common problems and precautions. When using an offset press to print corrugated color box paper, the design requirements are relatively loose, but the following points need to be paid attention to. 1. The density distribution of the continuous adjustment pattern should be uniform, and the screen angle should be distinguished by color. The main color should be the primary color or the secondary color. The packaging box manufacturer can use the spot color to try not to design the multi-color overprint. 2. Do not design small patterns or texts that are overprinted in the same color if it contains large-area overprinting on the spot. If hot stamping is required, the designed field hot stamping area should not be too large, so as to avoid hot stamping leakage due to unrealistic pressure, and the hot stamped text should not be too small, otherwise the words and the plate will be blurred. Those who need to print gold should generally be designed to print a layer of uniform background color and then print gold. 3. Avoid designing long strips along the printing direction. Packing box manufacturers can avoid the surrounding blank parts from being affected by the printing on the edges of the strips under the effect of the ink stringing roller. Fourth, packaging box manufacturers avoid designing large areas of deep and dark tones, because the thickness of the ink layer of offset printing can not be as thick as screen printing. If you have to achieve the designed dark effect, you may have to print twice, which will print And post-press processing brings troubles. 5. Bar codes should not be overprinted during packaging box printing design, and when imposition, try to place the bar codes in the middle of the layout or close to the mouth, because corners or wrinkles are easy to appear in the upper left and right corners, especially for cartons with a larger printing area. This is especially noticeable when facing paper, which can cause ghosting and distortion of the barcode. Moreover, the line direction of the barcode should be the same as the printing direction as much as possible, because the extrusion deformation of the blanket during printing mainly occurs in the printing direction. Also note that the barcode should be located on the back or below the side of the carton after the carton is finished.
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