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What are the common box types for gift box packaging? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-02
Gift boxes are common items in our lives. They are used for packaging many commodities to protect the safety of commodities and guarantee the use of commodities. Exquisite packaging can improve the overall perspective of the product, attract customers' attention, and achieve good sales performance goals. The gift boxes we see in our lives are of various shapes and varieties, so what are the common box types? The following is a detailed introduction for you. 1. Heaven and earth cover box The heaven and earth cover box is to directly cover the bottom box with a lid, sealing the entire surface of the box. Because the heaven and earth cover is fully buckled to form a double layer, it has strong compression resistance. For example, it is very suitable to make this box type with kraft paper. Kraft paper has excellent toughness characteristics. The production of this box type can double The anti-compression effect greatly improves the load-bearing capacity and endurance effect of the Tiandi Li gift box. Tiandili gift boxes are commonly used to make tea boxes, jewelry boxes, wine boxes and other products that are easy to open for viewing, allowing consumers to obtain product information and observe its characteristics more clearly. But it also has shortcomings. It uses more paper, which increases the production cost. 2. Book-shaped box The appearance of the book-shaped box is similar to the shape of the book. The production is very simple, cost-free, and cost-effective. The book-shaped gift box can use the hot stamping printing process to increase the artistic and three-dimensional sense of the surface of the box body. The book-shaped structure characteristics are fully utilized, so that consumers will have a strong interest through the exquisite book cover, so that the gift box can be opened and opened like a book. Box, can increase consumers' fun in unpacking. 3. Drawer box The drawer type gift box consists of two parts, the inner pocket and the box cover. It is also called the box-drawing type and the middle boat type. The box cover can be left as an opening, and the inner box can be easily inserted into the outer box. Using it to install the product will make the steps of checking the product appear quicker and simpler. You can see the product itself as long as you gently pull the inner box. Use it as a jewelry box. The tea box is a very good choice. These products have a gift-giving nature, and those who receive gifts can use this unboxing method to add a sense of surprise. Drawer-style gift boxes are generally beautifully made, strong in structure, recyclable, and have the characteristics of green and environmental protection. In addition to the above-mentioned types of gift boxes, there are also many different types of boxes. I won’t repeat them here. I hope it will be helpful to your gift box customization.
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