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What are the classifications of gift cartons? haobobox tells you

by:HAOBO     2021-12-31
Many commodities are installed in gift boxes, they are of different shapes and colorful. They have beautiful prints and unique designs, which can attract people's attention and allow people to stop when they choose products, so as to achieve the purpose of sales. Most of the gift boxes we find on the market are made of paper, because the gift boxes are portable and environmentally friendly, cost-saving, and are more cost-effective than other materials. So the following introduces you the classification, common structure and production process of gift boxes. The main purpose of the gift carton is to promote the product and the brand and become a silent salesperson of the brand. Brand manufacturers enhance the value and beauty of their products through careful design and texture decoration of gift cartons, allowing them to stand out in the fiercely competitive market. The classification of gift cartons can be divided by the application and type of the gift box. Gift cartons can be divided into six categories according to their applications. The first category is daily chemicals, like our usual daily products, such as cosmetics, perfumes, and skin care products. The second category is food, such as applications and chocolate, candy and other foods. The third category is tobacco, such as premium cigarettes and high-end cigarettes. The fourth type is jewelry, which can be used in all kinds of jewelry to protect the value of expensive jewelry and itself from damage. The fifth category is digital electronics, which can be applied to mobile phones, tablet computers, etc. There are many types of gift cartons, and different packaging designs correspond to different box types, which can have different effects. Therefore, choosing a box type is also very important. The following describes the classification of the box type for you. 1. Drawer type box Drawer box type carton is opened by the extraction method. It can well show the characteristics and advantages of the product. It can allow consumers to browse the product intuitively. The extraction action is convenient and fast, which can save a lot of money. Time, and the opening method is not complicated, it is a good choice for many manufacturers in customizing gift boxes. Tea, red wine and other products will use the drawer box type, because they are all products that need to display the characteristics of the product. The combination of the drawer box type and the printing process will present a good and exquisite effect. Favored by others. 2. Socket box type This is a more commonly used box type. The socket is used to fix the seal and open. Its shape is simple, so it is also very simple to make, the process is not complicated, it can save costs, and is cost-effective. Therefore, the gift boxes we see in our lives are all this box type, such as chocolate boxes, ointment boxes and so on. 3. Portable box type The portable type is a box type used for gift carton making, which can add a sense of exquisiteness and beauty to the product. The portable structure can be convenient for consumers to carry, but when you want to use this box type, you must consider the weight and size of the product, whether it can bear the weight. Too big or too small will affect the feeling of use, so this is the primary consideration for merchants to choose this box type. 4. Abnormity box Abnormity gift carton is different from other box-shaped cartons, because it looks special. Compared with other common and regular box-shaped, it can make people's eyes bright, easy to remember, and is for marketing products. Nice way.
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