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What are the characteristics of Chinese style gift boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-30
Gift boxes can be said to be very popular among the crowd. Different gift boxes have different styles. Do you know what are the characteristics of Chinese style gift boxes? At this time, everyone's mind is estimated to be noble, gorgeous, and atmospheric. Today haobobox will talk to you about our Chinese style gift box. 1. The color of the gift box. Speaking of the color, what is the color in everyone's mind? Yes, it is red. It can be said that we have a special feeling for red. For example, when we get married, the clothes we wear are red and we eat. Sugar is red. Not only red, but also yellow. In ancient times, it was a symbol of power, and it was generally worn by people with status. Therefore, many Chinese-style gift boxes are designed in this color, which reflects the atmosphere and nobility. 2. The pattern of the packaging box design. Many of the patterns on the Chinese-inspired gift boxes are replaced by retro patterns, or people and things in mythology. This design pattern is not only beautiful, but also full of meaning. There are also ancient buildings, fairies, costumes and so on. Choosing a gift box pattern that suits you can often have a different effect. 3. The box type of the gift box. Generally, the mainstream box type is the book type box. This kind of box is named because it looks like a book. In our long history, books are the source of knowledge. If you want to stand out and gain fame and glory, this is the way you must go, including now. Therefore, the use of book-shaped boxes also has this special meaning. Fourth, the preparatory procedures before the gift box production process are all ready to be completed, and printing is naturally inseparable. In order to achieve better results, four-color printing and spot-color printing are generally used in combination. When necessary, six-color printing will be added. The printing process will be determined according to the needs of customers, and half of them will be given to customers. Process to avoid unnecessary waste.
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