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What are the basic requirements of packaging box manufacturers for plastic boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-18
The requirements of haobobox packaging box manufacturers for plastic boxes are the same as packaging boxes of other materials, and they have their quality requirements. We know that plastic boxes are a kind of cosmetic boxes. According to the material, they are divided into PP plastic boxes, PVC plastic boxes, PET plastic boxes are divided into cylindrical plastic boxes, square plastic boxes, special-shaped plastic boxes, soft plastic boxes, beer tablets, etc. according to the box type. It refers to the outer packaging box of the product made of PPC, PVC, PET/APET and processed through a series of processes such as printing, die-cutting, and sticking. Compared with other packaging such as traditional cartons, plastic boxes have the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxicity, high transparency, more intuitive display of the packaged products, etc., which can effectively improve the quality of product packaging. So what quality requirements does our packaging box manufacturer have for it? 1. Basic appearance requirements 1. Surface: no dirt, whitening, scratches, bumps, breakage, blistering, draping, bumps 2. Hygiene: no peculiar smell, a lot of wool, dust, which may affect the appearance And the deformation of assembly, the phenomenon of whitening on the front 3. There should be no damage or cracking, uneven cutting, and the height of burrs ≤0.5mm. 4. There shall be no obvious blocky dirt, unobvious soft and hard scratches, impurities 2. Surface treatment and graphic printing requirements 1. No obvious color difference on the surface of the material, and the color and brightness of each part of the product are consistent with the sample 2. Printing quality: The content, font, deviation, color and size of the pattern and text must meet the requirements of the standard sample, and the pattern or font must be neat and clear, and there must be no obvious font blur, color difference, shift, burrs, inaccurate overprinting, etc. 3. Printing position: For less than 30ml, the deviation of up and down is allowed ±0.5mm, the deviation of left and right tilt is ±0.25mm; for more than 30ml, the deviation of up and down is allowed ±0.75mm, and the deviation of left and right tilt is ±0.25mm. 3. Material and structure requirements 1. Material requirements: According to customer specifications and approved samples, no wrong use shall be made. 2. Dimension test: Use calipers or projectors to measure the key, important dimensions and assembly dimensions of the product, which must conform to the standard sample and design 3. Nozzle position: whitish ∮≤3mm, no poor nozzle perforation, nozzle height ≤0.5mm4, hinge: no excessive glue, lack of glue, damage, distortion, deformation, piercing, upper and lower cover repeated, opening and closing naturally and smoothly , The hinge will not easily come out of the buckle. 5. Support feet: no damage, lack of glue, or dirt. 6. Gap: the upper and lower cover closed gap ≤1.0mm, the misalignment gap ≤0.3mm, the upper and lower cover contact surface edges, no visible scratches Flanging, flanging 7, thimble mark: protrusion ≤0.5mm (does not affect assembly), depression ≤0.3mm (outside no top white) 8. Inner frame structure: internal/external structure, volume size/position, consistent with the sample 9. Edge position requirements: The size of the edge position is according to customer requirements, and the allowable error is +/-2MM. The four sides cannot be arched. The edges of the high-frequency products can be received with burrs, and the specific situation depends on the customer's requirements. Fourth, functional requirements 1. Drop test: according to the packaging requirements of the finished product. 1 corner, 3 edges, and 6 sides each fall on the cement floor/iron plate/tile: select one corner of the packing box seal, and the 3 side edges drawn from this corner will fall from short to long. Drops in order from small to large, one drop in all directions, a total of 10 drops, the height of the drop depends on the weight of the box: 0-10kg, the height is 1m; there should be no damage or cracking. 2. Coordination requirements: Trial assembly with supporting component products (such as cosmetics, accessories, manuals, etc.). It is required to be assembled smoothly and without resistance. After assembly is in place, the box cover is easy and without resistance, no bulging, and no internal excess (which can lead to The space where the product shakes.
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