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What are the basic requirements for high-end gift boxes?

by:HAOBO     2021-12-23
We know that high-quality products require high production details and design standards, and our high-quality gift boxes are also indispensable. In the consumer-oriented marketing business, luxury packaging also plays the role of creating desire, which represents this Quality and reputation to ensure that it attracts high-end consumers. High-quality gift boxes are an art. Here are some practical tips that will allow you to design amazing high-quality gift boxes: 1. The color matching of the gift box. Attractive high-quality gift box design starts with the right color choice. The human eye is particularly sensitive to the subtle effects of color. 2. Gift box printing process Four-color printing is one of the types of printing, which uses yellow, magenta, cyan and black for color printing. You can customize popular colors and gradient colors through four-color printing. Spot color printing uses inks other than the four-color inks of yellow, magenta, cyan and black to replicate the colors of the original. Spot color printing is brighter than four-color printers. There are many spot colors. You can generally refer to the Pantone color card. . In addition to the printing process, the logo, design elements, etc. of high-quality gift boxes will generally use UV, hot stamping, gluing, embossing, silk printing, electroplating and other processes; as a custom manufacturer of packaging boxes, we need to know how to use it wisely These crafts. 3. The choice of the material of the gift box, the outer packaging is directly in contact with consumers. The correct selection of materials can make the product icing on the cake and increase the performance of the packaging box. On the contrary, the wrong selection of materials will bring low-cost effects to the product. 4. One of the ways for tactile consumers to make your luxury products stand out is to make the packaging feel extravagant. Tactility is one of the secrets of attracting customers, which can be reflected by the selection of high-quality gift boxes and some packaging techniques. 5. Quality and structure Nothing can reflect quality better than a strong box. This is related to the weight and thickness of the paper, and also to its structure. A good high-quality gift box can allow customers to keep the product after use. Packaging design begins with all requirements: structural design, marketing, quality assurance, logistics, graphic design, end use and environment, etc. These luxury repair product packaging factors need to be planned in advance, and even a partner who understands these mechanisms is needed. Customers who need customized gift boxes, please contact the customer service of our website, or call our company's phone, get a quotation as soon as possible, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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