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Two important factors that need to be paid attention to in packaging box printing production

by:HAOBO     2022-01-20
In the production of our packaging boxes, the paper and size of the packaging boxes are very important to our packaging box manufacturers. These are two important factors that affect our production; the following is an introduction to the printing of pearl paper packaging boxes. The importance of matters and dimensions in the production of our packaging boxes. 1. What should be paid attention to when printing pearl paper packaging boxes. Pearl paper is a kind of special paper with brilliant and colorful surface, which is also good-looking when nothing is printed. Therefore, many friends love pearl paper very much, so more and more pearl paper packaging boxes are printed. However, the special precautions for some pearlescent papers are not well understood, which are prone to defective products when making boxes. In response to this problem, we deliberately give you an analysis of the main content needed. According to the characteristics of specialty paper, pearl paper cannot be coated. Therefore, when printing the packaging box, the most important thing is not to stain or glue, because the special paper that is not covered by the film cannot be wiped. Secondly, the pearlescent surface has a special coating, so it is not easy to absorb ink. Ordinary offset printing machine takes a long time to print, and it is very easy to drag flowers. Generally, packaging box printers will choose uv machine printing to avoid the problem of dragging flowers. Pearlescent paper actually comes in many colors, and the color of different materials is also very different, so you need to pay special attention when setting the paper. Because the pearlescent paper itself is more shiny, special attention should be paid to the design of the printed content not to have too large ink levels and too thick ink layers, which will affect the unique brilliance of the pearlescent paper. Second, the importance of packaging box printing size Each product has its own exclusive packaging, and most product packaging boxes cannot be shared. The main reason is that the specifications are different. The first thing to do for a new product to market is to customize the packaging. The printed size of the packaging box is customized according to the product. If the box is large, the product will be loose, and if the box is small, the product will not fit. It can be seen that the size of the printed product of the packaging box determines whether the product fits in, and its importance is self-evident. The second is the detailed size of the die. For example, if the size difference between the top and bottom of a box is large, it will be very loose, and if the difference is small, it will be tight and difficult to open. Often the elasticity is between a few tenths of a millimeter, and the size requirements are very strict. For the size error between gray board and facial paper, the packaging box is printed with facial paper wrapped on the gray board. Therefore, the size of the tissue paper should be designed strictly according to the gray board, and the size needs to be determined according to the thickness of the gray board and the thickness of the tissue paper. A slight error in these dimensions mentioned above will cause the box printed out of the packaging box to be unqualified, and the result will be rework or scrap. It can be seen that the size accuracy of packaging box printing is very important and must be strictly controlled when making packaging boxes.
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