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Tips to know when designing health care product packaging boxes!

by:HAOBO     2022-01-23
There are less than 3 months left before the Chinese New Year in 2020. Unknowingly, one year is over. When we go home, we will definitely bring home gifts. It is definitely indispensable to respect our parents and health products. When we are going home, the merchants The beginning of advertising can be described as overwhelming. Every child who returns home hopes that the health of their parents will become stronger and stronger, so health care products have become the first choice for gifts to come home during the Chinese New Year. But not every business can start such an advertisement, the competition is too great. Therefore, it is very important to have a package that makes people eye-catching. Let’s talk to you about how to make packaging design for health care products. Health care product packaging design is a product between medicines and ordinary foods. Designers need to grasp a certain degree when designing. The appropriateness of the style can reflect the level of the company’s design team. Good product packaging is mostly It can interact or communicate with consumers, so that customers can recognize and resonate with the product while accepting the product's functions, and win the trust of consumers more persistently. The packaging box in the picture below is for your reference. This packaging box uses a clamshell structure, which adds simplicity. It gives the impression that the atmospheric yellow Lenny pattern revealed in the simplicity makes the simple packaging show a noble feeling. The logo uses a hot stamping process. The main material to increase the overall three-dimensional effect is gray board. We also know that gray The hardness of the board is very high, which can greatly increase the quality of the packaging box. Perhaps the health care product packaging boxes we usually see are relatively straightforward. Sometimes people look a little weird. The health care product packaging box can also be designed to be so elegant and noble, so we must design it. First, analyze those of your own customer group. If your customer group is all over 40 years old, you should design small and fresh things, then obviously it is not very suitable. If you like, please pay attention to haobobox. Knowledge is shared every day. Customers of customized packaging boxes, please contact our customer service, professional customized packaging boxes for 16 years!
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