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The development history of jewelry box packaging you don't know

by:HAOBO     2022-01-23
Jewelry boxes originated many new centuries ago and are the ultimate personal collections of contemporary connoisseurs. So, what is the origin history of the jewelry box? Now haobobox packaging tells you the historical time of the jewelry box that you didn't know before. 1. Porcelain jewelry boxes In the Victorian era (1873-1901), jewelry boxes were all the rage. This kind of jewelry box shows some beautiful small sculptures, they outline children, potted flowers, small animals and various other themed styles. Jewelry boxes have risen in the trend of buying decorations, and at what stage do they occupy the desktops of every household. Some small boxes are also decorated with Kate Greenaway (Kate Greenaway) illustrations. 2. Memorial Jewelry Boxes Some jewelry boxes are designed to commemorate a particular vicious event or period. For example, at the 1904 World's Fair, a variety of goods were sold, including jewelry boxes. For users, this small box will not have great use value. For example, in the eyes of collectors, this small box is considered to be of real use value. Therefore, you can search for this kind of jewelry box from antique shops or connoisseurs. Nowadays, collecting old antique jewelry boxes has become a fashionable preference. 3. Metal jewelry boxes At the beginning of the 20th century, Art Nouveau was introduced in the Netherlands, and the madness for metal jewelry boxes has just begun. This variety of gift packaging boxes are actually made of forged metal materials, with gold, silver or hippo teeth added to the final embodiment. The hippopotamus tooth box is made of lacquer, so it is more durable than other metal materials. The decorative design includes flowers, birds and a woman with wavy hair. 4. Incorporating a large number of elements. When Britain first started making jewelry boxes, they often incorporated historical time elements into their design plans. For example, some gift boxes were designed in a certain country, describing the food, clothing, housing, and transportation in the planting area before the Kuomintang-Communist Civil War. Some jewelry boxes were also inspired by other cultures and arts, such as the ancient Greek and Roman empires, and their typical Indian cultural and artistic brand images. There is also a situation where the name of the manufacturer is incorporated. For example, the first manufacturers of British jewellery boxes were Jennings Brothers and Benedict Manufacturing Co. In short, this kind of equipment is different. Jewelry boxes of historical time, I hope that after reading this article, you can save your own jewelry boxes. This kind of gift box will become an antique in the future and will be sought after.
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