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Shirt box factory

by:HAOBO     2021-12-28
Many years ago, a wholesale shirt merchant’s amazing design attracted the attention of shirt box manufacturers. The reason why it attracted attention was that he asked the packaging manufacturer to make the carton design. It is the first time that many designers in so many years have seen it. The operation of the paper box with transparent plastic gave the product a better display space to win the eye. Although the craftsmanship on the film was not a lot, it really surprised many shirt box manufacturers at that time. In the past, gifts were packaged very beautifully, and these good-looking packages were usually brought with them when buying goods. Merchants would pay more attention to the outer packaging of their products, starting with the value of their products. The shirt industry is no exception. If you want to show that your collar is good, you need to have ample space so that they can always maintain that straight state, so as to leave a better impression on consumers, but they no longer Satisfying the need to provide a good-looking and protective packaging gift box for shirts, but a packaging that more shows the competitiveness of their products, so the shirt box factory is required to replace the top cover with transparent plastic material when making carton packaging. The stiff products inside are more at a glance, and the products are more directly displayed. But the good times will not last long. Shirt box manufacturers have gradually discovered the shortcomings of this new i packaging, which is that the process applicability is very poor. Many processes used on glue cannot be completed for traditional packaging box customization equipment. This makes the shirt box manufacturers have to find other suppliers to complete the operation of the lid, but this is the problem. The prices of things that are not produced by themselves are definitely not favorable, so the feedback to the merchants is not satisfactory. , So many shirt box factories have to find a way out again. Therefore, many shirt boxes with a colloidal transparent canopy that you see now can’t have too much craftsmanship. Even bronzing, which can highlight the product logo, is difficult to complete. This kind of product gradually changes. It's getting lower and lower, so the way for shirt box manufacturers to go back is to make their packaging more high-end, regain their position, and not let the entire industry slowly fall into low-end. Fortunately, many shirt merchants have also realized that the packaging made by shirt box manufacturers in this way is a bit outdated and has been flooded. Therefore, in order to stand out, they need to be unique and high-end. The route has been heated up again, it is like a trend of reincarnation, just like the universal charging 10 years ago, it was popular in the whole society at that time, and it was extremely brilliant. But now the market basically cannot see them. This society is like this. Without innovation, it is destined to be eliminated if it cannot keep up with the trend of the times.
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