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Original design features of cosmetic box

by:HAOBO     2022-01-17
We can say that every generation or every age group has a different consumption outlook. Take our cosmetics box as an example. The main consumer groups are young and middle-aged, and both have different consumption outlooks. The difference, then the focus of our packaging box design is also different. The high-end trend of cosmetic bottles is on the decline. Similarly, the efficacy and applicability of cosmetic bottle packaging are beginning to be popular. In addition to more and more high-tech, the simplification of the packaging material plan has become a new bright spot. So in order to cater to our consumers, what are the characteristics of our cosmetic box design? 1. The illustration department has a small and refreshing ethnic style. Nowadays, many foreign products are beginning to adopt the style of illustration, and the leader is the Pechoin. Its illustration series are popular all over the world. Combining Western aesthetics with elegant femininity is undoubtedly hitting the pain points of Chinese women. Many women find it hard to resist kawaii tools. Looking at the popularity of HelloKitty and its peripheral products in Japan, you will know how much women love the little things they love. A graceful macaron-shaped lipstick is trusted by many women who want to buy it home. 2. Complexity, indifference, and environmental protection. In the cosmetic box plan, the micro-cooling system is mainly manifested in the use of changing repeated graphics, the use of micro pastels, the use of neutral colors such as black and white gray and silver. Especially the Xia Pink series launched this year, the original pink has a low saturation, showing a dim pink, breaking through the feelings that women loved so much in the past. With the progress and growth of society, the awareness of environmental protection has become more and more profound in people's hearts. Many Taixi makeup brands have already deeply rooted the concept of environmental protection into their brands. In terms of electronic packaging, the plan to deal with receivables is likely to increase in the future, and it is certainly worth pursuing. Third, the palace is a luxury big-name limited-level class. The first thing that can do this must be the IP-level and other big-name brands, and then the other manufacturers that use the influence of IP to promote. Constantly, cosmetic bottle packaging has strived to work hard on high-end. I hope to build a sense of high-end on the surface, so as to set off the high-end image of cosmetics. Such thoughts have a long history in the cosmetic bottle packaging category. For example, as a result of the cap on the packaging of scheming cosmetics, Estee Lauder's cosmetics surface adopts a red color that is high-end and does not appear to be twilight. KIKO packaging adopts metallic copper, elevating the sense of metal to the mechanism, and the subtle handicraft texture also highlights the high-end of the product. The development of a brand is inseparable from changing with the times. As long as it is constantly adapting to the requests of the period, it will continue to exist. We are born for creators and changers. We help companies formulate user experience strategies, create excellent digital experiences for users, and create emotional connections with users through brand plans, and use plans to drive the success of trade strategies.
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