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How to use jewelry boxes to enhance brand image? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-16
The high price of jewellery gold gives people the feeling of luxury, nobility and temperament. As the carrier of these jewels, the jewellery box not only protects the jewellery from damage, but also can convey the concept and core content of the brand jewellery. What comes is the box, the latter is the jewellery itself, and the quality of the jewellery box is also an important means to capture the attention of consumers. Let's elaborate on how the jewelry box can bring a high-quality image to the brand. 1. Packaging represents the brand. Each jewelry brand has its own core concept and style. Different brands have different styles and different positioning. Some brands have outstanding young and vibrant jewelry designs, and are loved by young and fashionable people. Or some brands specialize in traditional jewelry and have a wide audience of design styles. Perhaps some brand jewelry is limited to silver jewelry. Their core styles are different, how can consumers find which one they like? Jewelry box packaging is a tool that can directly express brand content. A design that conforms to the core of the brand content allows consumers to remember the brand at a glance. At the same time, they can distinguish the brand's style and positioning from the preconceived design of the jewelry box packaging style. Finding the right, unique and colorful jewelry packaging design is also a great way to increase the sales of goods. The packaging of the jewelry box represents the brand, an extension of the brand, and the soul of the brand. There have been data showing that consumers will have a sense of trust because of their love of the brand, so they will only choose the brand they trust each time they buy. The high-end jewelry box packaging with clear brand information can be locked. These regular customers will not let the source of customers be lost, let them become permanent customers of the brand, so as to obtain a stable source of sales. 2. Jewelry box packaging represents the quality of jewelry products. Consumers use the exquisiteness of the jewelry box to think about whether the goods inside are as exquisite and exquisite as the jewelry box. For example, suppose if the product is perfect and cost-effective, but it is packed in In a jewelry box that is slightly cheap and looks poor in texture, when you don’t open the box and see what the product looks like, many people will think that this product is as cheap as the box, and will have a sense of distrust of the brand. There will be people who want to continue to understand the interest of the product and thus lose customers. The high-end and exquisite packaging effect is equivalent to the high-end exquisiteness of the product. Good packaging can protect the product, while exquisite and beautiful packaging can protect the brand. 3. The packaging shows the value of the product. In the design of jewelry box packaging, printing technology can be used to reflect the core value and selling point of the product. For example, hot stamping technology can be used to highlight the key points, which not only looks high-quality, but also visually demonstrates the value of the product, and promotes product marketing and brand communication.
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