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How to pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof gift box?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-06
The weather in the south is often redundant. In summer, it sometimes rains for several days. This is the case in Shenzhen. It rains for 5 days a week in summer. When it rains frequently, it is not a good thing for gift box manufacturers, because in the rainy season, gift boxes are also prone to damp and mold. This problem is a test for many small manufacturers, of course, for larger manufacturers. There are good protective measures, so the impact is not very big. The haobobox factory is located in Shenzhen. During the rainy season, there are basically no heroes received. Now haobobox will share with you, how do you pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof gift boxes? 1. Controlling the amount of paste during production. First of all, when making, we will repeatedly emphasize the control of the amount of paste. The greater the amount of paste, the greater the moisture. When the moisture is too high, the cardboard will become soft. Relatively increase the solid content of the paste during the rainy season, and increase the viscosity of the paste by increasing the solid content. In this way, the amount of paste can be reduced, and the purpose of reducing moisture can be achieved. 2. Pay attention to the airtightness of workshops and warehouses. We must seal the workshops and warehouses where gift boxes are kept to avoid moisture and mist. At the same time, the airtight air can reduce the temperature difference between day and night and further reduce the risk of gift boxes being damp. 3. Pay attention to overhead gift boxes. When storing gift boxes, we will not put them directly on the ground. Instead, we will use pallets to overhead them, leaving a gap of more than 50 cm. This will allow the air on the ground to circulate and prevent moisture from affecting the gift box. 4. Dehumidifiers With the expansion of the plant, haobobox has purchased some new dehumidifiers. When the dehumidifier is turned on, the moisture will basically be eliminated. This is a simple and effective method that is worth learning from most packaging box manufacturers. You must pay more attention to the waterproof and moisture-proof of the gift box. A slight negligence will lead to the lack of a batch of goods, which will lead to delays in delivery. This has a relatively large impact on customers and enterprises. In case of losing a customer, the loss is not small.
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