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How to match the color of the gift box? haobobox tells you

by:HAOBO     2022-01-01
Why are gift boxes so popular now? Some people would say that the gift box is fashionable and the design style is in line with modern aesthetics. That's right, but it's not the main thing. The most important thing about gift boxes is the use of color matching boxes. When we walk into the mall, we will be attracted by the various gift boxes at first sight. It is not how high-end the packaging material is or how exquisite the packaging craftsmanship is, but the rich color matching gives customers Bright visual impact. Reasonable color application can better promote products, so what skills do we have in designing packaging color matching? 1. Food packaging boxes: bright and rich colors are often used to convey a food taste. Use cool colors for cold drinks, such as blue and white. Tobacco and alcohol use calm, simple and elegant tones, which represent a long history. 2. Medicine packaging box: The cool color feels anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and calming. Warm colors are mostly used for nourishment, health care and nutrition. 3. Female cosmetic packaging box: mostly used for soft tones, light pink, lavender, light blue, etc. reflect the nobleness and gentleness of women. Male cosmetics: mostly used in black and gray to reflect the characteristics of men's steady personality. 4. Daily necessities packaging box: use white, green and other colors that make people look comfortable, which means refreshing and clean. A gift box is a box for gifts, and gifts are given as gifts. Gifts also indirectly represent one’s own face and respect for each other. If there is no packaging on the outside of a gift, or the packaging is very ordinary, it also appears asymmetrical. The packaging of the gift is based on knowledge, not just design. The structure is so simple, and the more important thing is whether the color matching is appropriate.
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