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How to make 'blank' the finishing touch of gift box design? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-15

We can see a lot of gift box packaging in our lives. There are not too many superimposed patterns of miscellaneous elements on the surface, only the background color and specific important information. This artistic packaging technique is the theme of today’s 'blank' and 'blank' 'The use of 'makes the screen fresh and simple, highlights important product information, so that consumers can quickly identify and obtain information in a short time. In the gift box design, white space is the imagination space that the designer can use according to the product. So how can the white space be used in the gift box design to maximize its value? This is an important content to be discussed in this article. White space can give people a certain degree of perspective effect, so the key points of sober gift box packaging can be clearly expressed. In this way, consumers will have the desire to buy, improve product sales performance, and consolidate consumer groups. Can be summarized in detail from the following points. 1. Density and density. The blank part of the gift box packaging page should be concentrated in one place, which will form a sharp contrast with other color parts on the surface, adding a sense of hierarchy to the overall design. It also looks particularly comfortable in terms of viewing angle. If in the gift box packaging design, the blank parts are scattered in any position without the rules and rules, which will form a happy and dense vacancy effect, which is particularly chaotic in appearance. Unable to highlight the point of what you want to express. Concentrated white space can add a brand logo in the middle, and add a suitable printing process to highlight the important content of the product. For example, the hot stamping process can increase the overall temperament of the gift box, deepen the content effect, and have a sharp contrast with the white space, so that consumers will have a deep memory . 2. Screen positioning To accurately design through the overall design of the gift box packaging, the blank space must obey the theme of the packaging screen, and adjust and modify according to the screen positioning. If you are on a picture with too much color, you can put the white space in the middle of the picture to balance the various colors. Highlight the theme of the picture and set off the surroundings. On the gift packaging page, the blank space can be the theme or the auxiliary tool to highlight the color of the packaging screen. Each packaging composition is properly matched to serve the design to achieve good results. The blank space brings different perspective effects to consumers no matter whether it is in the center or around it. It is the embodiment of content and ideas. 3. Elaborate design. In the gift box packaging design, the white space must be perfectly combined with the theme of the packaging to play its role and play the finishing touch to the packaging picture. It is not randomly applied anywhere on the screen. It can express different perspective effects and content transmission through the use of reasonable positions. For example, in the simple style gift box design, the use of white space is tantamount to adding the simple temperament of the packaged product, and at the same time effectively conveying the content of the product information without being complicated. The applications left in the space should be highly consistent with the packaging theme. The above is about the use of white space in the gift box packaging design, I hope it can help you,  


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