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How to innovate the gift box design? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-04
Gift boxes can be seen everywhere in our lives. Goods that are gift-giving like tea, red wine, or watch ties are usually packaged in exquisite gift boxes. In this way, these products appear to be more advanced and textured through packaging. Gift-giving is a very common thing. We live in this society that fancy human friendship. Whenever there is a festive season, we always give or receive gifts. Good-looking packaged goods are not only face-saving but also show the giver when they are given to people. Respect and courtesy to the recipient. It can be seen that the packaging design of the gift box is very important and is one of the keys to the success of the product. The wind direction and fashion trend of the market are changing with people’s aesthetics, so the gift box of the product should also follow its pace to innovate continuously, and the packaging design should meet the taste and aesthetic needs of consumers, and bring added value to the product, thereby achieving the product. sales target. So in what ways do you make innovations in gift box packaging design? The following is a detailed explanation for you. 1. Innovation in appearance The appearance of gift boxes is a powerful means to attract consumers, and novel and characteristic product packaging can attract consumers' attention. In most cases, people are preconceived to judge the quality of the product through the packaging, and seeing the special packaging with the naked eye will subjectively produce a good impression of the product. How to achieve the innovation of packaging appearance, abandon popular design styles, create a style suitable for your own products, and apply it to packaging. Packaging materials can choose novel papers, such as cloth paper with high-quality texture. Make a difference with other product packaging. 2. The innovation of the gift box function Now the gift boxes that are generally seen on the market can only be used to store products, and have no other use. Consumers who buy back the product may choose to discard the gift box because they feel that the gift box is useless. Consumers’ demand for gift boxes is not limited to simple functions that can only accommodate and store products. Practicability and convenience are a major prerequisite for designing gift box packaging. Add some small designs to the gift box packaging, such as adding a small pull ring, which can be better pushed open and convenient for storage, or a small partition can better classify items. This has facilitated people's lives, increased the reuse rate of gift boxes, and made a contribution to environmental protection. 3. Innovation of packaging materials Traditional materials can no longer meet the ever-changing market needs and aesthetic changes. Nowadays, green environmental protection is a major theme of the times. The gift box material should be selected to have general paper functions and environmental protection features that can protect the environment to the greatest extent. The above are some opinions about gift box packaging innovation, I hope to help you, if you want to know more, you can contact our company,
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