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How to highlight the customized advantages of moon cake packaging boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-15
The Mid-Autumn Festival has always been a major festival in China. It is a traditional cultural festival that has spread among many ethnic groups in China. It can be said to be a grand ceremony and reunion night that the Chinese have been looking forward to. In the countryside, a family sits in the courtyard; under the big tree, watching the moon and listening to the wind and eating mooncakes, children in groups go to the alleys playing with lanterns, it is so lively. The Mid-Autumn Festival has developed so far. In the complex interpersonal relationship of modern society, this festival has also played a big role in the cooperation and negotiation between the business and the company, and the relationship between Party B and Party A. Around the Mid-Autumn Festival, the sales of moon cakes are very large. Similarly, good products also need suitable packaging boxes to match, and some of the mooncake packaging boxes are made of tinplate and paper boxes. The high-end ones will use wood, bamboo, etc. for packaging. Large-scale packaging boxes , All use printing presses and other equipment to print patterns in large quantities. So when some enterprises purchase small batches of mooncakes and want to give them to customers, it is more troublesome to print the customer's name and other information on the packaging box, and the cost is also high. This operation is not cost-effective. Printing technology has developed into modern society and has made great progress and innovation. New digital direct-injection printing equipment has gradually entered the public's field of vision. The printing advantages of UV flatbed printers are compared with traditional printing equipment. There are many suitable products and industries, and the advantages are also very obvious. They can directly print color patterns on flat products without making plates. After printing, the finished product is finished without pollution. It is an environmentally friendly printing technology. The above is haobobox printing's response to the large number of customer orders during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which not only greatly shortens the delivery cycle of orders, but also achieves more refined customization requirements to meet more user needs.
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