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How to design wine packaging box is suitable for you?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-09
Foreign wine refers to the general term for imported foreign wines. It is a relatively high-end consumer product and is a response to the lifestyle of high-end life. There are more factors that combine to make foreign wine packaging boxes. It is necessary to combine local wine culture, theme design, and product positioning to design packaging that meets the various needs of local consumers. A successful wine packaging box must be integrated with the market and consumers through market analysis, and its packaging style ideas should directly meet its product positioning, meet the needs of its target consumers, and conform to its brand philosophy. How to design wine packaging box is suitable for you? 1. The design of the wine packaging box should conform to the price positioning of the product. The price of the product determines the grade of the product. The design of the packaging box can make the product in the previous grade. Therefore, the packaging box design should be consistent with the grade of the product. Low-grade products should not be used. Packaging design to support the price of high-end products, this will appear to be inconsistent, and high-end packaging design can not be used to drive low-end products, everything must have a degree, otherwise it will be nondescript and counterproductive. 2. The design of wine packaging boxes should conform to the continuity and continuity of product packaging. Any product packaging box has its unity and continuity, which will not only make consumers feel very formal, but also allow the spread of their brand quickly. Therefore, the packaging design of foreign wine should have such characteristics. Consumers can think of the brand when seeing this foreign wine packaging, and reflect the characteristics and commonalities of its series of products on the packaging. 3. The design of the foreign wine packaging box must conform to the target consumer positioning. In the early stage of the packaging design, the target consumer must be analyzed, and the corresponding wine will correspond to the person drinking. The alcoholic consumer product is actually a display of the consumer’s personality. , Its packaging is equivalent to the consumer's choice of dressing, so it should be designed according to the consumer's personality characteristics. 4. The design of the wine packaging box must meet the market demand. As packaging, its application purpose is business, and the purpose of business is to create value and profit. Therefore, wine packaging as a part of the commodity must conform to the market. It is not a work of art, it is Real products, so the packaging design should be beautified under the market conditions, and the priority of the design should be distinguished. 5. The design of foreign wine packaging box should conform to the brand connotation positioning. The foreign wine brand is the accumulation of product culture for many years, the source of product attributes, and the guarantee of product quality. Therefore, its brand connotation should continue to grow and be elevated, not today and tomorrow. The overthrow becomes like that, so the packaging design should be consistent with the brand concept and connotation, and match the brand extension direction. Do the above five points, then your packaging box is definitely favored by the market, and of course you don't have to worry about product sales. Customers who need foreign wine packaging boxes directly come to haobobox packaging boxes, which will help you design different personalized wine packaging.
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