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How to design the health care product packaging box?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-23
Health care products This is a huge market, with various health care products emerging in endlessly. Most consumers stay in the product's field of vision for about 3-7 seconds during the purchase process, and then based on the information on the package, the graphics and text are absolutely in line with their shopping intentions, so as to further understand the purchase. Therefore, a good designer must understand the psychology of consumers. Only by understanding the packaging we design can we get closer to the crowd, and help the brand and consumers establish an emotional connection, thereby increasing sales. To be successful in packaging, each brand must have a unique point of view and be able to clearly reflect it. Excellent packaging allows consumers to understand the product more quickly. 1. Colors stand out. Just like what I said before, consumers’ eyes stay on the product for a short time. Good color matching can attract consumers’ attention. You need to make your brand a consumer's logo. You can use bronzing for your logo. Render it up to make your brand logo more eye-catching. Attract the attention of shoppers and convey the essence of the suggestion. 2. Simple style In a busy and anxious market, we rarely experience a peaceful moment of sight or hearing. Simple style design may be more effective, and simple health care product packaging design may be favored by more people. 3. Emotional expression. Consumers take action when the brand makes them feel a certain emotion. When others look at you, you will involuntarily look back to determine the other person's attraction to you. This is your instinct in life. Therefore, packaging has no more powerful function than eye contact. 4. The importance of tactility. Excellent packaging design can create a series of visual elements. Such elements can be colors, icons, unique appearance designs, or paper textures, which may play a significant role in the entire packaging design. This is an important role, which is why some delicate colors, textures, etc. are added when designing the packaging of health care products. But many people will ignore the touch of the box. A good-touch packaging box not only reflects the high-end feeling of the box, but also reflects the comfort of direct contact with consumers. This is often very important, so everyone should keep it in mind.
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