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How to design gift packaging for different groups of people?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-06
Today with a wide variety of products, packaging can be said to be more and more exquisite. If you want to be more exquisite, it is better to say that consumers have higher and higher packaging requirements for products. Nowadays, 'value' is more important. So we have to design different packaging styles for different groups of people. Haobobox will talk to you today about how to design gift packaging for different groups of people? For example, our packaging design should keep up with the needs of the market and consumers. Gift packaging design is because they are relatively picky about gift packaging. They are both practical and artistic. They must be scientific and popular. Middle-aged people are quick to respond to things and capture all kinds of new information quickly. They like to be unconventional and strong in imitation. Therefore, the gift packaging must be full of changes in design, color and pattern, and avoid obsolescence and dullness. The needs of young people. When designing gift packaging boxes for women, we should consider the different appreciation standards for gift packaging between women and men; women’s appreciation of gift packaging pays more attention to details, and women’s psychology tends to be soft and rich in packaging design, and the colors are suitable for use. Color; such as pink, orange, etc., highlighting artistry and popularity; gift packaging can also be matched with a bow tie made of ribbons. When customizing the gift box packaging of a product for the elderly, the design should be simple, solemn, easy to carry, and have a certain degree of tradition and practicality. Gifts for the elderly are mostly food supplements, etc. The packaging patterns should be simple, the text should be clearly visible, and the patterns should not be too fancy when designing. Often simple and beautiful are suitable. Too much fancy often makes people Feel unreliable. When customizing the gift box packaging of a product for men, we must consider the characteristics and preferences of men when designing. Men are more generous, bold, and generous, and the colors are often dark tones. Black, gray, and dark blue are often the colors that reflect men's maturity and stability. Of course, except for some special gifts, such as sporty ones, you should choose mixed red, which represents sports and passion.
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