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How to design and develop gift box packaging? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-03
Gift boxes are very common in the market. Many products are packaged and stored. It is an important way for consumers to be interested in products. Good-looking packaging can attract consumers' attention and facilitate transactions. The gift box of a product wins the competition among many similar products by its exquisite appearance and unique style. The good viewing angle effect is more favored and loved by consumers. Therefore, it is worth spending time on the design and development of gift boxes. After researching and discussing, the following explains in detail how to design and develop gift box packaging. 1. The key points of packaging The gift box is used to package products. It is also regarded as the product and brand signs and business cards, just like the cover of a book, which is the first thing consumers see. Consumers use the gift box to obtain product brand information, and then determine whether they need it and whether they are interested, and then make a purchase. In many products, consumers only spend a short time browsing the product packaging, so important information about the product must be conveyed on the packaging and it can be remembered by consumers in a short time. This information is the focus of the entire gift box packaging, and the product information can be highlighted through the following design elements. (1) Logo: A logo is a symbol of a brand. It can let consumers know who the brand of the product is, so that consumers can remember, and they can look for products through the brand logo the next time they buy. The brand logo is generally located at the center of the front of the gift box packaging, and the bronzing printing process can be used to highlight the brand logo to achieve exquisiteness and prominence. (2) Style: The style and design of the packaging can make the gift box stand out among many products. Design suitable packaging through the characteristics and performance of the product. The color and text can highlight the packaging style. Choose the appropriate color according to the product and add the appropriate pattern. Elements make the gift box packaging unique, forming the brand's own style, and forming memories and impressions for consumers. 2. Target market When designing a gift box for a product, it is necessary to consider what field the product is used in and what role it has. It is very necessary to understand the target consumer group of this product. Through the understanding of consumer groups, a satisfactory matching package can be designed. For example, the packaging of children's products is very different from the packaging of adult products. Even if it is the same type of product, such as toothbrushes, children will prefer packaging with bright colors and many cartoon elements, while adults prefer packaging that is simple and highlights product performance. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out packaging design for different consumer groups. 3. Printing options Screen printing, four-color printing, and spot-color printing are the mainstream printing methods today, with different disadvantages and advantages. You can choose according to the output and usage characteristics of the gift box. For example, spot color printing is very suitable for printing the background color of gift boxes, which is cost-effective and can be used in mass production. The above is all about the design and development of the gift box, I hope it can help you,
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