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How to design a cosmetic packaging box that appeals to consumers?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-14
Now our lives are getting better and better, and the quality of life is constantly improving. We pay more attention to our appearance. In recent years, the cosmetics industry can be said to have continuously set new highs. Almost every woman uses cosmetics, and some do not go out without makeup. And not only women, according to statistics, the proportion of men using cosmetics is also increasing, and beauty is not only liked by women. If your brand has a bunch of loyal fans, then whether you are exiting new products or selling sales, you will be a bit higher than your competitors and have enough initiative. You want to hold the hearts of consumers in your hands. You need to design a cosmetic packaging box that will appeal to consumers' hearts, so that your cosmetics can win the starting line. So how do you design a cosmetic packaging box that appeals to consumers? Haobobox tells you today. 1. Define the customer population Who are your target customers? Know why you are in the crowd designers are important, they are energetic young girls? Or a graceful mature woman? Or is it a male? Once you know who they are, your cosmetic packaging design direction needs to be closer to them. Each group of people must have different designs. Don't think of a trick to eat fresh all over the world. It won't work on cosmetic packaging. 2. Build your brand personality. Brands are very important in the cosmetics industry. The prices of some big brands are much higher than ordinary cosmetics, and their sales are also very high. A brand is like an ID card, allowing consumers to recognize you. What is your brand? Avant-garde like Urban Decay? Simple and classic like Bobbi Brown? Or luxurious like Dior? As a brand, the personality you want to show to your customers will determine what you use in your packaging. Design element. 3. Create a mood board for your brand All you need to do before you start designing is to create a mood board for your brand. Put pictures, colors, advertisements, and other things that you think reflect the personality of your brand together. These will all become your inspiration in the design process. Fourth, the choice of styles The first thing you have to consider is the personality you want to bring into your packaging. Does your design pursue a minimalist style, or do you want to be more exaggerated and bold. Knowing the style you want to go will help guide you in the rest of the design and ensure that the decisions you make are consistent with your overall design goals. Locking styles can also help determine other design elements that need to be considered. Are you going to experience pop art? Then you may need some illustrations to guide the design process; have you added natural elements to your natural cosmetics brand? Then maybe you want to incorporate some natural elements into your packaging. The point is, when you know what style you want, you know what design elements you need to be reflected in your cosmetic packaging design. Fifth, color matching The color selection of packaging is very important. Color is often used to trigger sensory responses and emotions, and to prompt consumers to evaluate the brand. Using color as a part of the product image, truly consolidating the brand identity depends not only on choosing the right color, but also continuously generating color over time. The unique graphics and brand identity work together, and if they can be sustained, they may eventually become iconic. Imagine seeing an iconic red soft drink with a white swirl, lacking its brand trademark 'Coca-Cola.' Will people still recognize the product and immediately remember the brand? Of course, everyone in the world will do this. Because consumers encounter these colors, Coca-Cola Red and Tiffany Blue are not icons because a consumer encounters these colors, but through repeated exposure to the same color tone, each time they are strengthened. Consumer contact between brand and color until the two colors are interchangeable. Generating this consistency depends on spectrophotometric analysis. After reading it, do you think that it is so difficult to design cosmetics packaging boxes, and it is really difficult to go through a lot of complicated processes, and many of them require professional talents. But you want your company to go more long-term, rather than a short-lived one. This is the hurdle you must pass.
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