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How to customize the packaging scheme of environmentally friendly gift boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-15
With the rapid development of science and technology and the times, people have more and more demands for natural resources, resulting in excessive exploitation of natural resources and serious damage to the ecological environment. In order to restore the earth's ecological balance, all walks of life have established environmental protection awareness, contribute to environmental protection, and reduce damage. Nowadays, environmentally friendly and recyclable gift boxes are a major mainstream in the market. Many brands have made changes in their packaging to contribute to environmental protection. So how to customize environmentally friendly gift box packaging? It is to ensure that the product packaging is sustainable and does not cause pollution to the environment. You can consider and choose environmentally friendly packaging from the following points. 1. Material selection When customizing the gift box, you can choose synthetic paper such as pearl paper or gray board. They are recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely. Will not cause waste and loss of resources. These materials can be used to make various types of gift box packaging, and their sturdiness, compression and tensile ability are far better than ordinary paper, and their performance is more extensive than ordinary paper. With a smooth surface and a good and comfortable touch, the products produced are more advanced and textured. 2. Reduce excessive packaging. Nowadays, various types of products are in fierce competition. Merchants realize that in order to capture the attention of consumers, the gift box packaging of goods is the key to stand out among many products. So there are countless businesses making a fuss about product packaging. Adding complex elements and complicated craftsmanship to the gift box does not highlight the characteristics of the product, blurring the highlights of the product, and dazzling consumers. At the same time, excessive packaging will use too many unnecessary additional packaging materials, which is contrary to today's green environmental protection. The concept of sustainable production. Reduce excessive packaging, try to be simple and characteristic in packaging design, reduce the use of materials, fresh and simple packaging style is the mainstream of the masses, and green packaging design is more favored by consumers. 3. Multi-purpose packaging can make a gift box more than just a gift box, allowing customers to buy back the product until the product is consumed. It also allows consumers to make the best use of the gift box and continue to reuse it, reduce resource waste, and continue the sustainability of the box. Design the gift box in the style of a craft box and a storage box, and add partitions in the box, so that consumers will not throw away the gift box that wraps the product after using the product. At the same time, multifunctional packaging is also a highlight of brand packaging, which can attract customers to buy products and increase product sales. Environmentally friendly gift boxes are good for the environment and can leave consumers with a positive impression of the brand's environmentally friendly and green brands. The above is the whole content of the gift box environmental protection packaging program. I hope to help you. If you want to know more, you can contact our company. We are very happy to answer you.
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