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How to choose the inner lining of the gift box?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-01
The inner lining of the gift box is a very important part of the packaging production, especially those high-end packaging, which directly affects the overall grade of the gift or product. In addition to its beautiful appearance, it also reflects the emotion expressed at the moment of giving the gift. The high-quality lining can not only protect the gift from damage, but also a manifestation of the high-end quality of gift packaging. What are the lining materials of high-end packaging? Let’s listen to what the experts say. As the gift box packaging materials are becoming more and more abundant now, in the general high-end packaging boxes, the inner lining materials used are: 1. Sponge inner lining is very common, because its price is very low. It is also very convenient to use, so many manufacturers choose this material, such as some square packaging materials, and the packaging of some high-end gift boxes is also widely used. When processing sponge-lined gift boxes, only cutting is required, because The structure inside is very simple. 2. Plastic foam and corrugated paper are also good materials for packaging lining. For some fragile commodities, it can play a protective role. For example, some jewelry packaging gift boxes often use plastic foam lining; while the use of corrugated paper More widely, whether it is food packaging gift boxes or wine packaging, corrugated paper has become a new environmentally friendly packaging method. 3. As the inner lining material of the gift box, some need to choose higher quality. Plastic material is a better choice. In order to show the high quality of the gift, you can add velvet cloth inside. This material is noble. , And can protect jewelry. If you need to send gifts to friends far away, or if you are a manufacturer who needs to ship products for a long time, it is very important to pack the gift box. This is also for the gift or product to not be harmed during the shipping process, and better packaging The material is shock-absorbing material, so that your gifts and products will not be damaged during long-distance transportation. Only by preventing friction can the quality of the gifts be effectively maintained and a better experience for consumers. Therefore, many businesses now All attach great importance to the packaging of goods. The advantage of corrugated paper material is that it can provide extra cushioning protection for your goods, because its surface is full of wrinkles. Although it looks unsightly, it has a powerful effect. It can produce protective power, which is to produce a certain amount of protection. The gas as a support point. The use of corrugated paper material, especially for high-altitude transportation, is very important, and it is also very convenient to make. The advantage of foam liner is also for more high-end and fragile items. Its principle is that it can wrap all the products to form a thick appearance, and it is very soft, so that hard objects are not easy to damage the product, and this packaging method The more foam cushioning material is needed, the better, because the thicker it is, the better the protection effect is. Another special advantage of foam is that it is not conductive and very safe.
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