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How to choose the gift box packaging type? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-14
There are many categories of products, and different products are in appearance and shape. The usage will be different. How to choose the right gift box packaging is also a key consideration for manufacturers. Appropriate packaging can make products shine, attract consumers' attention, and promote consumer transactions. The following introduces you the classification of gift box packaging types: 1. Personalized gift box Personalized gift box can be used as a storage space for exquisite and thoughtful gifts. The exterior design of the box adds strong personal touch elements, such as constellations. Or a statement of personality, a specific date, some resonant sentences, etc. These elements can enrich the personality of the gift box, customers will find their favorite elements to achieve the sales goal, it can be used as a special store of emotional value. It is usually made of unique materials, such as cloth paper, which has a light texture and a special feel, which is very suitable for personalized packaging. 2. Minimalist style gift box The packaging composed of simple design and fresh tones gives people a comfortable feeling. Nowadays, many people are tired and aesthetically tired of the accumulation of complicated and heavy elements and the complicated color matching. The minimalist style packaging is liked and favored by many people. These gift boxes are usually cool or monochromatic, with no more than three colors. The box body usually adopts a square or rectangular basic shape. The gift box generally chooses a simple and uncomplicated structure. Like a heaven and earth cover type, it is easy to open and the steps are not cumbersome. The minimalist style gift box is suitable for brand products with simple and clean characteristics, or products with consistent styles. 3. Gift boxes with great craftsmanship. High-end products are packed in high-end exquisite gift boxes. The packaging boxes made by hand are extremely craftsmanship. The craftsmanship of the craftsman is unmatched by machines, and the boxes produced are of different shapes. , Exquisite features, each is unique and has collection value. It is usually made of wood, leather, or fine special paper. It has an artistic effect and an indispensable core of manual spirit. The above is the introduction of gift box packaging types. I hope to bring you effective help. There are many types of gift box packaging options, whether high-end or low-end, the cost is high or low, and the right one is important.
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