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How to choose the appearance style and color element design of the jewelry box? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2021-12-25
A jewelry box, which is composed of structure and style design, exquisite design and suitable color matching, can attract people's attention and arouse consumers' interest. Therefore, the choice of style and color is very important in the design process of the outer packaging of the jewelry box. The following is a detailed description of these two points. 1. Jewelry box style To show more styles and possibilities of products and brands, packaging is the way to convey these messages. The appropriate choice of packaging style is a favorable means to highlight products and brands. Understand what style the brand wants to take, such as simplicity or luxury. Then through these drafted styles for polishing and next-step design, establishing the product style is equivalent to writing an article to draw up an outline, and establishing a framework to better enrich the specific content. In the design process, it is necessary to consider the consumer psychology of consumers and the current mainstream popular elements. The packaging of the jewelry box incorporates the elements that customers love, so that it can be more easily favored by consumers. Add current popular elements and keep pace with the times. In order to enrich the packaging style, you can properly insert element patterns that match the style to make it more visually effective. Add printing technology to the pattern to highlight the pattern elements, such as the use of bumping technology to add a three-dimensional effect. The jewelry box designed in this way is unique and exquisite, and can highlight the high quality of jewelry. Make consumers feel good. 2. Appropriate color The color fills the entire jewellery box body, which is what consumers can see at a glance. Appropriate use of colors can form memories in consumers' minds, and at the same time polish jewelry products, and stand out in the fiercely competitive product market. Consider choosing the right color of the brand, which can become a symbol of the brand. For example, the well-known luxury brand Hermès, its packaging boxes and jewelry boxes are bright orange, and people will think of Hermès when they see the orange packaging box. A brilliant color can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and promote the brand's products invisibly. The color is associated with the brand, so when customizing the jewelry box, it is very necessary to establish an exclusive color number for the brand. Color can stimulate the senses and affect consumers' consumption mood. Different colors can be appropriately matched to increase the viewing angle effect, making the gift box packaging design more attractive. The above analysis on the outer packaging style and color selection of the jewelry box is here. I hope these small points can help you.
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