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How to choose a gift box? These selection techniques you need to know

by:HAOBO     2022-01-06
Gift-giving is a common and important way of communicating with people. As the saying goes: people rely on clothing, and horses rely on saddles. Whether a gift has any face in your hand depends on the gift packaging. Packaging design is an important indicator of gift quality. As a result, more exquisite gift packaging boxes have flooded into the market, and the scope of use of gift packaging boxes has also been expanded. They are used for holiday gifts, visits, and company welfare distribution, etc. The gift packaging products are mostly collections, boutiques, collections, and so on. Regardless of the application, the material of the gift box design cannot be ignored. Haobobox has 16 years of experience in gift packaging design and production. Today, I will talk to you about the skills of choosing gift boxes. The first is the choice of material: the choice of material reflects one of the important elements of the gift box product grade. The commonly used gift packaging materials in our lives mainly include paper packaging boxes, wooden packaging boxes, leather packaging boxes, plastic packaging boxes and metal packaging boxes. They are all suitable for the use of business gift packaging boxes and personal gift packaging boxes. Among them, the most choices are paper packaging boxes, wooden packaging boxes, and leather packaging boxes. Haobobox packaging focuses on the selection of paper gift packaging techniques. If you want to reflect the high-end and luxury of gifts, choose thick material and high-strength paper gift packaging boxes. Here are two main pieces. 1. Gray board. Gray board has high hardness. After processing, some hard gray boards have a strength comparable to that of wood, which can protect the product from damage and is also very convenient for transportation. 2. The characteristic of double bond paper and kraft paper double bond paper is the overall smoothness of the packaging box, which greatly increases the beauty of the packaging box. The kraft paper is very strong. Look at the box below. It is made of gray board and kraft paper. At first glance, it looks like a wooden box with atmospheric and retro colors. Kraft paper has many colors to choose from, and different materials will have different effects. Haobobox packaging specializes in producing customized gift boxes for 16 years. If you need it, please contact our customer service or call us. We will serve you wholeheartedly!
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