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How to choose a custom packaging box manufacturer?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-21
When the company's products are determined to go online, packaging is often the last step. How to choose a packaging box that suits you is more involved. It is important to choose a professional packaging box manufacturer, and we must first make an accurate market positioning for our products. There are also consumers who are designing. We need to communicate with the professionals of the packaging box manufacturers. In terms of design, material selection and production details, the packaging box manufacturers will give a lot of constructive suggestions, which can solve a lot of your worries. . Designers still look for professional designers from packaging box manufacturers, because most designers pursue visual effects, which cannot be achieved by many professional techniques. The following haobobox packaging box manufacturers will briefly talk about the process of a high-end packaging box. 1. The box-type packaging box of the confirmed product is mainly divided into four box types, heaven and earth cover packaging box, folding packaging box, drawer packaging box and clamshell packaging box. Each box type has its own advantages. The advantage of the world cover packaging box is production. Relatively simple, the cost is lower than other box types. The advantages of foldable packaging boxes are easy to store and do not take up space, save shipping and storage costs, and have a DIY feel. Drawer-type packaging boxes have a pull-out feel like a drawer, and are mainly used for a mysterious sense of gifting. The clamshell packaging box is displayed in a clamshell style. Compared with other box types, the opening speed is faster, which is conducive to some surprise gift packaging. Box type is mainly a packaging method. Generally, packaging box manufacturers will recommend according to the needs of users. Specific product requirements also require specific communication between the two parties. After confirming the box type, the size of the box must be involved. At this time, let the designer design the product placement and style design. The size can be customized according to requirements. 2. The choice of material for the packaging box is very important. The material symbolizes the skin and the texture. At present, the common materials of packaging include cardboard (white cardboard, black cardboard, pink cardboard, gold and silver cardboard...), Kraft paper (white kraft, yellow kraft...), coated paper (single coated paper, double coated paper), specialty paper (a collective term for some specialty papers). Each material needs to recommend corresponding sanctions according to the customer's design and process requirements, as well as the packaging budget. The selected material is pasted on the gray board to enhance the texture while increasing the stiffness. 3. The choice of printing process. Common packaging box processes include printing colors, bronzing, bumps, UV, embossing, etc.... The body of the box is mainly printed, because most companies have more colors in the design of the box body , Usually use the printing process, printing is mainly divided into (four-color printing, full-page printing, screen printing), of which four-color printing is mostly used in the case of more colors and colors, this printing process can print perfectly The effect that meets the requirements, full-page printing, as the name suggests, is mainly used for solid-color printing, and the color specifications are relatively uniform, so that there will be few uneven printing colors when printed. Screen printing is mainly used for relatively simple printing because of its simple operation and lower cost. It is mainly suitable for situations where product requirements are low, quality requirements and price requirements are low. The craftsmanship of the logo can be said to be in more places in the packaging box, because the logo plays a finishing touch, most product packaging will have high requirements on the craftsmanship and effect of the logo. The logo craftsmanship mainly include hot stamping and silver hot stamping, bump, uv, printing...Packaging in pursuit of quality, the logo is commonly used in bump stamping technology, which is eye-catching and has a bumpy texture on the texture, thereby highlighting the quality. 4. Packing box proofing. Proofing is the only criterion for the inspection results when all the processes are confirmed. If you can make your own design and want to express the meaning of it, you must look at the actual sample. This is the time to test the packaging box manufacturers. In the process of sample making, we must keep in close contact with the packaging factory to ensure the progress of the sample, and communicate closely with the problems encountered during the process of production, because proofing is a time-consuming process, and ensuring the quality of good samples can be In the subsequent mass production process, it is much smoother, saving unnecessary troubles afterwards. In fact, how to choose a professional packaging box manufacturer is mainly based on their professionalism. Simply put, it is to see whether there is a complete set of production system and whether they can independently design and produce more difficult packaging boxes. Why do you say that? Because the sample rooms are all produced by them before, you can see how the production strength of this packaging box manufacturer is.
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