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How to accept the custom packaging box?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-13
Before cooperating with my haobobox, some of our customers were very bitter about our business, because some of the bad ones from the previous cooperation manufacturers were all put in the box, and the customer has not checked carefully, so they hurriedly received the goods and did a good job of the products. No matter what. In order to prevent more people from encountering such a thing, today the haobobox packaging box manufacturer will tell you how to accept and check it as far as possible to avoid such a thing from happening! The following methods for the acceptance of customized packaging boxes should be inspected one by one: 1. Appearance inspection: When receiving the product, first select a few randomly to see if the appearance of the customized packaging box is scratched, scratched, stained, deformed, damaged, and whether the packaging is beautiful. 2. Specification check: It is necessary to use a ruler to measure whether the size of the packaging box meets the requirements of the manufacturing or order. 3. Characteristic verification: check whether the physical, chemical and sanitary indicators of the product have changed. 4. Product packaging identification: carefully check the product packaging and identification to see if there are any errors. 5. Packaging box material: check whether the product packaging method, packaging quantity, use of packaging materials, and single box quantity meet the requirements. 6. Whether the pasting position of the sticker, the writing content, and the filling of the outer box are correct. 7. Product printing process: If there is any printing process that you have explained before, please check carefully to see if it meets your standards. Please follow the above points and check them one by one during delivery. Don’t be afraid of trouble. Once you find a problem, call the printing factory to deal with it immediately. Don’t be careless, especially the customized packaging box, the price. They are not cheap.
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