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How should we design cosmetic boxes to attract consumers?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-16
There are many merchants selling high-end cosmetics. How to design a cosmetic box to make its own cosmetic box unique and attract the attention of consumers at once. This involves a lot of design points. The first thing we should pay attention to is the color matching problem. Because the client group for cosmetic boxes is basically female friends, of course, many men now also need makeup, and male cosmetics have also appeared. Therefore, in the color matching, we must choose the color matching. Black and gray are generally not used in male-oriented colors. The more tender colors of pink are generally not used on high-end gift boxes. Purple and bright blue are often used to highlight mature and elegant colors, which are also the most popular among women. After talking about color matching, the next thing we should pay attention to is the material of the gift box. Since the cosmetic box is more advanced for the group, the material should not be vague. Commonly used carton packaging is generally not used on this level of gift box, of course, it can be used as an independent packaging inside. For outer packaging, we generally use gift boxes with silk or flexible fabrics for packaging. The inner lining generally uses silk. This will look very upscale. In addition to materials and colors, high-end cosmetic boxes also need pattern design and gift box decoration. In the design of the pattern, we generally do not use the pattern of the spokesperson, which would appear a bit vulgar. On the contrary, we generally use some beautiful hover patterns or laces, and better gift boxes can also be decorated with other materials. The above are some personal opinions on how to design cosmetic gift boxes. Of course, current trends are changing rapidly, and current aesthetic standards may not be suitable for the future. But the design standard of the gift box will not change much.
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