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How is a beautiful customized gift box born? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-31
The gift box is a part of the product composition. It is the direct conveyer of product and brand information. Consumers can use the outer packaging of the gift box to show customers the advantages and characteristics of the product, play a role in propaganda and dissemination, so as to obtain the benefits of product sales. Therefore, many manufacturers have started to pay attention to the gift box packaging design of their products after knowing this truth, and custom gift boxes are looking for a good way to suit their product packaging design. Through customization, it can be distinguished from the cookie-cutter packaging design plans on the market, and design a design that fits its own product brand from its own perspective. So what is the process of customizing gift boxes? How is a beautiful customized gift box born? Here is the answer for you. 1. Design The first step is to select and design the gift box style according to the product and brand characteristics, establish the design and packaging theme, and select the color pattern, material, and printing process. A good design can make the gift box look beautiful, unique and generous, and at the same time establish brand characteristics, which is convenient for consumers to remember and can promote sales transactions. The important purpose of packaging is for commercial communication and sales, so the top priority of design is to highlight the characteristics of products and brands and place them at the core of the packaging. For example, the logo and product selling points can add a sense of three-dimensionality and exquisiteness through the hot silver process, which can attract customers' attention at a glance. The color pattern is determined by the color of the product. A good gift box packaging must be consistent with the product. Maintaining uniformity and uniqueness is the criterion for measuring the quality of the gift box. 2. Proofing Custom gift boxes usually have to be proofed on the designed samples, the samples are to ensure that the color and quality of the mass production cost are consistent. 3. Production After proofing, mass production can be carried out according to the gift box samples. The first step is to make a plate. According to the appearance and color of the customized gift box, choose the color version that is made, because the gift box is generally composed of several colors. Several colors are several plates, and spot colors are one plate. The second step is to select paper. The commonly used papers are double copper and gray boards. They are suitable for gift wrapping paper because they are not easy to foam and are strong to protect the goods and ensure the quality of the goods. The third step is to carry out the surface treatment, through the processing technology to increase the viewing angle effect of the gift box surface, it looks more beautiful and three-dimensional, such as over-matte glue, over-varnish and so on. The fourth step is die cutting and forming, which is an important step in the entire printing production process. It determines the success or failure of the product in the later stage. The die must be accurate. If it is not allowed, it will affect the subsequent processing. At the end, the semi-finished products are glued. After glueing, a beautiful gift box is done, and the production process is completely over. The above description of the process of customizing gift boxes, I hope to help you, if you have any questions, you can contact our company, we are very happy to answer you,
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