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How does the packaging factory make fruit packaging boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-20
Fruit is a fast-moving consumer product and a source of nutrition that people cannot do without. Most fruits on the market are sold in bulk, but for two reasons, fruit packaging boxes are needed. One is transportation to prevent fruit loss and unnecessary Loss. The other is gift-giving, which is beautiful and generous. The first one is for large-scale merchants. They usually customize fruit cartons. At this time, the packaging box should be large enough, strong load-bearing capacity, and moisture-proof and anti-corrosion function should not be too bad. The second type is some small fruit merchants, which provide gifts for customers. At this time, what is needed is more than just a box, but also need to reflect the value of the product and reflect the taste through the packaging box. So how does a professional carton manufacturer make fruit packaging boxes to satisfy customers? 1. The size of the fruit packaging box is accurate. Fruit is a kind of food, and it is easy to be damaged during transportation, lifting and moving. Therefore, the dimensions provided to the packaging manufacturer must be accurate to prevent the fruit from being unstable and colliding left and right due to too large a gap on the edge. At this time, there is a big problem that fruits are often of different sizes, and fruit packaging boxes cannot be made with different sizes. In this case, an inner support is generally added to embed each fruit to prevent the fruit from colliding with easily damaged things like fruit, which greatly reduces the loss of fruit, so an exclusive protective packaging box is required. 2. Fruit packaging box design This is specifically for the requirements of fruit gift boxes. Nowadays, the society is the age of looking at faces, which starts with the value of appearance. Therefore, fruit gift boxes need to be exquisite and beautiful in order to win the favor of customers and increase sales. The following fruit gift box is a fruit gift box customized by Shenzhen Packaging Factory haobobox for merchants. The surface design combines hundreds of characteristics and values, and uses beautiful colors to outline the value of the product, so that consumers can think of the packaging when they see it. The benefits of passion fruit, at the same time, the thick carton, clear pattern design, and comfortable rope make customers feel that the gift is very face-free. Creating added value for customer packaging is the mission of haobobox packaging. If you need us to serve you, welcome to consult our customer service, we will treat each box carefully, customers can rest assured, haobobox carefully. The above is the knowledge of fruit packaging boxes shared by haoboboxour. Those who like it, remember to pay attention to the collection!
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