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How does custom-made tea gift boxes double the sales of tea? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2021-12-29
The habit of drinking tea and tasting tea has been passed down in our country since ancient times. Chinese tea culture has a long history, broad and profound, and the cultural and spiritual wealth contained in tea is huge. Tea not only represents the taste of tea drinkers, but also contains strong Zen connotations. Therefore, until now, tea is still a highly circulated commodity, so how can the sales of tea become higher? Tasteful products are packaged with taste, and good tea shows the connotation of taste. Not only can the delicate tea packaging attract people's attention, it also has collection value. It is like an exquisite work of art that can be recycled all the time. Under the background of advocating green, low-carbon and environmental protection, it can save people's exploitation and waste of resources. Tea packaging is the second face of tea products. Good and colorful tea packaging can not only bring consumers the visual enjoyment, but also At the same time, it can effectively promote and spread traditional tea culture. Tea packaging should meet the requirements of moisture-proof tea, prevent peculiar smell, prevent high temperature and prevent collision, but also keep the tea at a proper temperature without affecting the taste and nutrient loss of the tea itself, so a good tea gift box must not only solve these basics For practical issues, we must also pay attention to exquisite and beautiful design. For example, the combination of fine paper and gray board is used on the packaging. For example, the fresh water pattern is classic and elegant, which fits the temperament of tea. The gray board increases the firmness of the packaging box and can protect and transport the tea. The tea culture elements are added to the design, and the antique design is Express the timeless style of the simple and natural tea leaves. It is a good choice. Practical, beautiful, sturdy and simple tea gift boxes can stand out among many products and improve sales performance.
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