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Five aspects to pay attention to when making a successful gift box

by:HAOBO     2022-01-31
Due to the obvious gift-giving attributes of gifts, gift boxes should emphasize the value of products. Many gifts often have higher requirements for the design and construction of packaging boxes. Therefore, five aspects that need to be paid attention to when making a successful gift box! 1. Product Positioning Before designing the product packaging, it is necessary to position the brand, and figure out the value it conveys, what is its use, what are its properties, what grades are required, and whether it is necessary to upgrade the product. Issues such as supplements and innovations should be taken into consideration. Second, to determine the early stage of the design of the gift box of the target group, it is necessary to do market research, so as to find the consumer group of the gift and understand their values u200bu200band needs. A successful packaging is designed based on the customer's personality, buying habits and needs. 3. Find the similarities and differences of similar products. The market competition is very fierce. To do a good job in packaging, it is necessary to understand the same grade and similar products, and after careful study, distinguish the similarities and differences between the products of both sides. We should be able to learn from what the other party has done well, and make breakthroughs and enhancements. If we are not as good as ours, we must maintain our advantage. In addition, packaging colors, characters, and fonts can all become a breakthrough in design. 4. Unique design According to the characteristics and uses of the products, their designs have different styles. Such a design can give the packaging value and soul. Strengthen its colors, characters, fonts, etc. Highlight the characteristics of packaging products and design based on the advantages of their own products. Fifth, consider the packaging effect. Once the packaging is designed, the effect should be considered. This should be evaluated from two aspects. From a close point of view, whether the printing quality of the packaging, the color of the finished product, and the exquisiteness meet the expected standards. From a distance, look at the unobvious package name and the color combination. Of course, we must also check whether the packaging material is suitable, whether it feels good, whether the texture and hardness are up to standard, etc. The above are the five important factors that affect the effect of gift box production given by Shenzhen packaging box manufacturer haobobox printing. Excellent gift boxes can better promote product sales in the market and bring better benefits to products.
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