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Do you know these functions of gift boxes? -haobobox printing and packaging company

by:HAOBO     2022-01-05
When shopping, when choosing products, when you don’t understand the products, the packaging gift boxes with beautiful and delicate design characteristics are more eye-catching, because good packaging with exquisite perspective effects will also highlight the value of the products in the box. So what are the effects of packaging, do you know it? 1. Protect the goods. Gift boxes are used to hold gifts. They are used to protect the gifts from damage caused by external factors. Because a commodity will inevitably bump and bump during transportation, it will easily lead to product wear and tear. , The packaging box can effectively help the product itself resist these natural damages. Not only that, it can also prevent various chemical forms or accidents that may occur. The packaging box has the functions of shock absorption, compression resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-extrusion and tensile resistance, which can ensure the safety and integrity of the goods. 2. Aesthetic design reflects the exquisite design of gift packaging, which can capture consumers’ attention and obtain objective sales performance. A good package must not only have an exquisite and beautiful design, but also fit the actual convenience for consumption. The designer’s intimate detail design and careful packaging can give consumers a good impression, highlight the value of the brand, and make it easy for consumers to remember. 3. Convenient circulation Convenient circulation. When designing the packaging box, it is necessary to consider various environments, storage, transportation, and other aspects. When the product is stored, the appropriate packaging must be selected according to the product, so as to reduce the loss as much as possible in the event of an accident. Understanding the effects of the above three points, starting from these three points to make gift boxes can achieve considerable results. Thank you for your reading and attention.
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