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Do you know these color effects in gift boxes?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-03
Under the influence of different national cultures and regional cultural backgrounds, gift box designs in different countries are different in color and application. The Chinese nation has a long history, many ethnic groups, and rich traditional colors, represented by blue, gold, red, and black. Red is a symbol of happiness and auspiciousness in traditional Chinese culture. It has the meaning of passion, wedding, blessing, health and sweetness. Therefore, for a long time, the red color has been widely used by gift box designers in various design activities such as product gift box design. Through the mutual contrast of black, red and gold, combined with traditional squares and text, the whole set of gift boxes appears solemn and has the beauty of traditional simplicity and generosity. According to some, the surface of traditional Chinese landscape painting is used, green is the main color, and the small pieces are red. The expression method of traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain is used to show the unique charm of personality. For example, yellow symbolizes life, sunshine, warmth, ideals, vitality and interest, as well as danger and danger. Yellow is the color that is excited in the chromatogram, and the appropriate use can be the uploaded color to attract attention. In the food field, yellow is usually used to indicate biscuits, lemon or butter, sunshine, healthy drinks, etc. In the field of household chemicals, yellow can represent a product's high efficiency and warning color. In other cultures, yellow has negative connotations of cowardice and deception. The rich color changes of product packaging initiate associations, making consumers more sensitive to the color visual perception of gifts during the process of buying gifts. Aroused the attention and concern of consumers; truly expressed the characteristics and color information of the product; highlighted the design theme of the product packaging, improved the cultural atmosphere of the product packaging; conveyed the design feelings and emotional expression, and hinted the culture of the product packaging Connotation. The edibility of product quality; standardize people's visual perception, establish brand image; highlight products. The shelf shows the overall color effect of the display and improves memory consumption. There are many famous brands of products that are known and familiar through the color on the gift box. Color is an important factor that determines product personality and brand recognition. If a certain series of designed products or product packaging is used in a certain color for a long time, then this color will gradually become its symbol of brand information. The long-term use of this color can effectively prevent competing products from deliberately destroying the product. Commercial appearance. After long-term use, consumers gradually recognize the product design and appearance of gift boxes through color recognition. Product packaging colors are highly recognized. Once consumers see a certain color, they will immediately remember a certain product. From this perspective, if the design of a product or gift box forms a consumer audience's sense of market identity in terms of color, then the use of 'color' in competition with similar products will gain 'priority.' Then use various legal methods to effectively protect the design. In the fierce market competition, this priority effect on the use of 'color' has produced huge economic and social benefits for brand products.
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