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Customized jewelry gift box choose drawer or clamshell?

by:HAOBO     2022-01-08
Hello, everyone. Today haobobox will share with you the box type of custom jewelry boxes manufacturer. In our impression, there are only two mainstream custom jewelry boxes manufacturer box types in the market. One is a plastic clamshell box, and the other is a drawer jewelry box. If you insist on comparing the two box types of jewelry boxes, compare the cost, appearance, and grades, we get The following data, you can refer to which style you prefer, and the idea will be clear. First, let’s take a look at the commonly used plastic flip-top boxes for jewelry gift boxes: 1. If the jewelry gift box is flipped with plastic embryos, it will indeed give people a more solemn sense of ritual, if you insist on scoring (out of 10 points). , It’s not an exaggeration to give 10 points. 2. If you choose the plastic blank box, the volume of this clamshell box will generally be too large, mainly because the height is pulled up, which will cause a lot of waste of space, so the appearance of the full 10 points can only give 6 points 3 . From the cost point of view, the technical difficulty and material cost of the flip-top plastic embryo box will be higher. If the benefit degree is 10 points, it can only give 6 points. The following are some jewelry gift boxes that are customized and another pressed box drawer box: 1 If the .custom jewelry boxes manufacturer uses a drawer box, it will look a bit like bracelets, bracelets, watches and other relatively small and delicate objects. If it is a ring, it will not appear to be atmospheric enough, so the full score of 10 points is only Can give 7 points 2. If you choose a drawer box, because this kind of box can be made relatively small and exquisite, it gives people a more exquisite feeling and the product is taken out at a glance, there is no extra space wasted, and the appearance is relatively good. Give 7 points 3. From the cost point of view, if the printing process used is not particularly large, and there are special materials, basically the cost of a drawer box is not high, and 8 points can be given from the point of benefit. The above two box types are just the most popular among jewelry gift boxes, and do not include other boxes such as heaven and earth lids, flip lids, and special-shaped boxes. Friends who like this knowledge suggest to collect it, and we will update it regularly every day!
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